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We offer a dedicated social media team and comprehensive social media service to make you look good

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Your business needs more than just a social media manager—it needs an entire team to build your online presence. At The Social Media Coach, we offer a comprehensive Social Media Management service that gives your business access to a talented roster of experts.

Say goodbye to the limitations of a single social media manager and embrace the advantages of a full team dedicated to your success.

Why choose our social media management service? Why choose our social media management service?

Why choose our social media management service?

A wildly passionate team of social media individuals:

A wildly passionate team of social media individuals:

With our fully-implemented Social Media Management service, you gain access to a diverse team who are exceptionally passionate about all aspects of social media, including strategists, content managers, content creators, and community managers. We collaborate seamlessly to deliver exceptional results for your business.

Value for your investment:

Value for your investment:

Hiring a whole team of experts individually can be expensive. but we offer you the power of a crew for the price of one full-time manager. It's a budget-friendly solution that amps up your social media presence.

Made ‘just-for-you’ strategies:

Made ‘just-for-you’ strategies:

We know your social media game plan needs to gel with your bigger business goals. Our team will work closely with you to craft a detailed social media plan that's perfectly custom-made to reach your business dreams.

Smooth sailing processes:

Smooth sailing processes:

We're all about efficient systems to get the job done right, from creating content to tuning in to your community's chatter. Our tried-and-true methods enhance your brand's visibility and grow your business.

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Em and her team have made a huge impact on our business since we began working together in August. If you’re looking for someone to go above and beyond for your business and all its social media needs look no further.

Natalia Thliveris

There is no better person to advise & implement your social strategy than Emily. She gets it and she will quickly identify and understand your brand challenges too so that you will ‘get it.’ Emily’s infectious enthusiasm and inquisitive nature make her a joy to work with. Highly recommend.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose The Social Media Coach for management?

Simple – we're not just one social media manager, we're a whole team of passionate experts dedicated to boosting your online presence.

What makes your team different?

Our team is a lively mix of strategists, content wizards, community managers, and more. We're all about collaborating to bring out the best in your social media game.

How is this better than a single social media manager?

Having a full team behind you means diverse skills and ideas, without the limitations of just one perspective. It's like having a crew of specialists at your service.

Is social media management affordable?

Absolutely! Our service packs the punch of a entire team for the price of one manager. It's cost-effective and impactful.

Will the social media strategies fit my business?

Definitely. We understand your social media strategy should align with your bigger goals. Our team will create a tailor-made plan that works just for you.

What's the main advantage?

Imagine a team that's as passionate about your social media success as you are. That's the advantage – having a crew that's ready to elevate your brand.

How do I get started?

Ready to step up your social media game? Reach out to us and let's discuss how our comprehensive management service can help your business soar.

Can I trust your team with my brand?

Absolutely. We treat your brand like our own. Our team's dedication and expertise ensure your online presence is in safe hands.

How do I learn more?

Reach out to us for a chat! We'd love to discuss how our team can be a game-changer for your business's social media journey.

Does social media management mean I can sit back and do nothing?

You can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you like. If you want to approve everything before it goes live to social media, we can organise that. Or if you want to duck off on holiday to Bora Bora or the Maldives and leave us to take care of your socials, we can do that too.