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Serious about improving the way your business does social media? Our Hour Power session will fast-track results

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Ready to boost Your business’s social media performance? You’ve come to the right place! I’m here to help you with a personalised one-hour strategy session that’s all about you. Get ready to discover the true power of social media marketing and watch your business soar to new heights.

During our Power Hour, we’ll dive deep into your social media strategy, exploring ways to drive your brand and return on investment.

Here's what you can expect from our session together: Here's what you can expect from our session together:

Here's what you can expect from our session together:

A personalised strategy session with a social media coach:

A personalised strategy session with a social media coach:

This is a one-on-one conversation to discuss your business's unique goals and challenges. I’ll help you with a social media strategy that aligns with your specific needs, with insights from experience I’ve gained from working with some of Australia’s biggest brands.

Actionable advice for immediate results:

Actionable advice for immediate results:

Leave our session with practical tips that you can implement right away. My goal is to provide you with strategies and techniques that will make a real impact on your social media efforts.

Tangible recommendations for immediate implementation:

Tangible recommendations for immediate implementation:

Walk away from our session with actionable recommendations that you can implement right away. Whether it's optimising your content, refining your targeting, or enhancing your engagement strategies, you'll have a clear roadmap for success.

Real-world experience and best practices:

Real-world experience and best practices:

Benefit from my hands-on experience working with diverse brands across various industries. I'll share valuable insights, industry best practices, and the latest trends to ensure your social media strategy reaches your goals with real results.

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There is no better person to advise on your social strategy than Emily. She gets it and she will quickly identify and understand your brand challenges too so that you will ‘get it.’ Emily’s infectious enthusiasm and inquisitive nature make her a joy to work with. Highly recommend.

Holly Pound

An incredibly down to earth experience, super practical and helpful expertise that immediately got me where I was at. I'm so thankful. Definitely recommend.

Susie Chong

Emily is incredibly knowledgeable, super passionate about helping businesses achieve actual results and an incredibly authentic and lovely human all round. From just one short session, I left feeling empowered and inspired to start creating content online for my startup business, something I had never done before (either personally or professionally)…Cannot recommend her highly enough! Thank you Em.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Power Hour all about?

It's like having a heart-to-heart with a social media coach who's all ears for your business. We'll chat one-on-one about your goals, challenges, and dreams for your brand's social media presence.

Am I suitable for the Power Hour?

The power hour is suitable for business owners who’ve already had a free discovery call but don’t feel like they need weekly coaching sessions. For example; you may want someone to brainstorm a campaign idea with or ideas on how to build a loyal community compared to a large lazy audience.

How will a Power Hour session benefit my business?

Think of it as a tailor-made roadmap for your social media success. We'll craft a strategy or campaign ideas that fit your business like a glove, drawing on the insights I’ve learned working with top Aussie brands.

What can I expect from the Power Hour session?

Expect an honest conversation where we dig deep into your unique goals or current projects. I'll give you my opinion and listen to your ideas and together craft a plan of action.

Will I get actionable advice?

Absolutely! You won't just leave with ideas – you'll have practical tips you can put into action right away. It's all about getting results, and we'll make sure you're equipped for success.

How tailored is the advice?

It’s all about you! We'll address your specific challenges, from content creation to engagement strategies. You’ll walk away feeling ready to tackle your social media project with confidence.

Can I implement recommendations immediately?

Yes! Whether it's refining your content, optimising your targeting, or working on community engagement, you'll have tangible recommendations ready to roll.

How do I book a session?

Booking is a breeze. Simply scroll to the calendar at the bottom of the Power Hour website page to secure your spot. Select your time zone, choose a date and a time.

What's the main takeaway from our Power Hour?

You'll leave with a clearer perspective, actionable strategies, and a roadmap to achieve your social media goals. Get ready to see your efforts pay off!